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The 6 Stresses of Health

Chemical Stress

Chemical stress is one of the 6 Stresses of Health that may not allow a person to achieve their optimal health potential.  Chemical stress can also be closely classified as “Nutritional Stress.”  Our body requires certain substances in order to, not only function, but also to thrive.  We normally get these substances through our diet.  Just as an automobile needs fuel to run, our body needs fuel to run also.  If your car takes unleaded fuel and you give it diesel, it won’t take too long for your car to run down and no longer work.  If you give a higher quality of gasoline such as premium unleaded vs. regular unleaded to your automobile, your vehicle’s performance will be improved to it’s optimal level.  Our body functions in the same way.  We need to deliver to our body adequate substances that will fuel up our energy tanks to take on the demand of everyday activities and encounters.  This is the reason we need to eat a well balanced diet, that is right for us as an individual.   Essential substances in our diet should include vitamins and minerals, water, protein, and carbohydrates to name a few. We can get these items by engaging in a diet that is plentiful in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry, and meat.  Supplying our body with these substances will give us the energy and fuel we require to function at our optimal levels.

The over-utilization of medications can result in another type of chemical stress.  Many times a medication that is prescribed for us may perform it’s specified duty but create another problem in our health.  If compounded with more medication, this can not only lead to addictions, but it can also lead to becoming chemically toxic which can stress other organs and other systems of our body.  Many times prescription medications can make us chemically toxic and can block the uptake of certain essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for our body’s optimal performance.


Chemical Stress

The following are a list of the most common items that can create chemical stress in our body:

  • alcohol
  • prescription drugs
  • medication
  • sugar
  • artificial sweeteners
  • preservatives
  • soda/pop
  • caffeine
  • smoking
  • fast food
  • coffee
  • candy

Minimizing chemical stress by fueling our body with the proper nutrients and avoiding the aforementioned chemical stressors can allow our body to achieve it’s optimal potential...and please remember, “WE TRULY ARE WHAT WE EAT!”...we become and are a direct result of what we put in our body!