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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a method to assess normal and abnormal body function and evaluating various stresses on the human anatomy which can be evaluated through muscle tests. The response of finding weak muscles, or a muscle test, is a primary feedback mechanism on how the human body is performing.

When applied properly, the results of muscle testing can aide the practitioner in recommending various therapies to allow the body to heal itself.  Applied Kinesiology practitioners can evaluate you for stresses throughout your body, many times prior to symptoms appearing, by assessing various weaknesses in muscles and correlating them to structural stress, chemical stress, or emotional stress your body may be suffering from.

Applied Kinesiology was founded by a Chiropractor named George Goodheart in 1964. Dr. Goodheart found when testing the strength of  muscles, weak muscles could become strong and strong muscles could become weak immediately with various factors such as touching reflex/acupuncture points, tasting foods, thinking of emotional stressors and other unusual stimuli to the body.

Dr. Goodheart spent considerable time in his own research establishing patterns and outcomes with muscle response testing.  From this research, Applied Kinesiology has developed and become an integral part of the Alternative Health profession.

Manual Muscle Testing

What is a Manual Muscle Test?   Manual Muscle Testing is a method for evaluating normal vs. abnormal bodily functions. A Manual Muscle Test is a bio-feedback test in which the strength of a muscle (usually the deltoid muscle of your arm and shoulder) is tested to determine a baseline of the strength of your muscle.  THIS IS NOT A POWER CONTEST! It is a simple test that will assess if there is an underlying stress or problem affecting the body.

Basis of a Muscle Test

This is a test which assesses a muscle’s strength to monitor stresses placed on your spine and body which will evaluate if there are hidden dangers or problems causing NERVE INTERFERENCE.

If you currently have NERVE INTERFERENCE and one of the muscles in your body is  tested, that muscle will not have the proper strength it should have.  The reason for this is, if your body has stress placed on it, it DOES NOT like it. It always wants to be functioning at 100%.  When this stress occurs, you’re body prioritizes items of importance, or items that are that are more life threatening as opposed to those that aren’t.   So when you have a stress on your body or something may not be working at 100%, and you test the strength of an individual muscle, that muscle will be weaker than normal.  This is because your body cares more about the stress and not working properly, than it does about how strong your muscle is.  Thus, the muscle becomes weaker.

This is merely a check and balance system of the body to let the doctor and patient know that something is not working properly in the patient’s body.  Whatever is causing your body to be stressed needs to be corrected or fixed in order to remove the NERVE INTERFERENCE.  When this stress is corrected, your body will be able to perform at it’s full potential and the NERVE INTERFERENCE will be removed and the muscle will regain it’s normal strength.

3 Things to Understand

1.) Your body constantly monitors stresses placed on it.

2.)  Your body prioritizes these stresses in order of most severe first, and will respond accordingly.

3.) Your nervous system is like a vast array of wires and circuits transmitting information from your brain to various body parts telling them to perform millions of different functions.

Nerve Interference

The inability or interruption of the brain to communicate to the rest of the body via your nerves.  This inability of communication between your brain and your body will not allow your body to function at 100% and to perform it’s regular daily duties.

This will result in your body having to work harder and longer to keep up with the demand placed upon it. Over time, this will result in DIS-EASE of function or burnout.

***Florida Chiorpractic Clinics, Inc. utilizes Manual Muscle Testing as well as Applied Kinesiology principles to help us locate any NERVE INTERFERENCES or stresses on your body that may be causing your pain, disease or ill-health.

If we do locate any NERVE INTERFERENCE in your body, we will inform you and then recommend therapies to remove this NERVE INTERFERENCE so you can perform at 100% of your capability allowing you to have a better chance to be PAIN FREE and a HEALTHIER person.

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