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Auto Accident Victims

Background Information

Being involved in an automobile accident can be a life changing event. Most people that are involved in an automobile accident will encounter “whiplash” or what Physicians call strain/sprain, hyperflexion/hyperextension, inertial injuries to their neck, mid back, low back and other various body parts.

These injuries are much similar to “SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME” which can cause severe damage now and down the road. Injuries may

  • cause pain
  • interfere with one’s ability to work
  • interfere with leisure activities
  • interfere with the activities of daily living
  • interfere with restful sleep
  • cause problems with eyesight, cause ringing in the ears and dizziness
  • cause weakness, and fatigue
  • cause problems with memory and concentration

It is estimated that 15-40% of those who are injured in a motor vehicle collision will suffer from ongoing chronic pain. (Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2007).

Our Goal

At Florida Chiropractic Clinics, Inc., our goal is to get you out of pain from your auto accident as quickly as possible, keep you out of pain, and get you back to the normal routines of life you had prior to your auto accident.

We offer the most current effective technology and health care to help you heal from your injuries sustained from your auto accident.
If you need legal representation, Florida Chiropractic Clinics, Inc. can help you find an attorney to represent you in your case.

Florida Chiropractic Clinics, Inc. KNOWS what the Insurance Companies DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!  We utilize our knowledge to get you better faster, make it a stress free event, and supply your attorney with the RIGHT INFORMATION to maximize any settlement you are entitled to.

If you are in pain, we have the tools to help. Call Today to Schedule an Appointment: 727-398-2988


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5290 Seminole Blvd.
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Call Today to Schedule an Appointment: 727-398-2988
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Florida Chiropractic Clinics is located in the Greater Tampa Bay region of Florida’s Gulf Coast serving the community with Chiropractor, Dr. Yingling.

Conveniently situated in St. Petersburg of Pinellas County, our location gives us access to Clearwater, Largo, Seminole, Pinellas Park, Gulfport, and the neighboring beach communities of Madeira, Redington, Indian Rocks/Shores, and Belleair.

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