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Neurological Integration System

N.I.S. is a series of assessment and treatment protocols which allow the patient’s body to inform the doctor and patient where there are “signal disconnects” or what we like to term “blown fuses or circuits” whereby the brain may not be communicating with a specific area of the body.

When signal disconnects or “blown fuses” occur, the body does not function at its optimal level which is why pain, symptoms, and health issues arise.  Through asking the patient’s body specific questions via a muscle test, the patient’s body will tell the doctor precisely where a signal disconnect or blown circuit exists.  There will be no guess work involved.

When a disconnected signal is found, a method called “integration” is performed whereby a gentle tap to a specific area of the brain and sometimes other affected areas is introduced to restore the signal and reconnect the circuit between the brain and the body.

In essence, the doctor is opening up your electrical breaker box and identifying what if any fuses are blown and then resetting any that might need correction.  When the power is turned back on, the pt’s body can return to normal function.

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Call Today to Schedule an Appointment: 727-398-2988
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